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Gifts For College Graduates

Gifts For College Graduates

Getting your degree is a huge accomplishment. It’s also an enormous transition! For many young grads, finishing college and getting a degree marks the start of adulthood and the many challenges and changes that come along with that major step. 

So while there are plenty of gifts that a fresh college grad can use, there’s one that’s sure to be much appreciated as they establish their place as an adult: a good drink! American Cocktail Co. has plenty of gifts that are perfect for the college grad in your life to help them learn more about cocktails and stock up their home supply. 

The Everything Box Subscription

Whether it’s their first encounter with mixology or they’ve been experimenting in their dorms, the gift of an American Cocktail Club subscription box is a surefire way to open your college grad’s eyes to the many possibilities of at-home bartending. Each month, they’ll receive a kit filled with all of the ingredients they need to craft a world-class cocktail crafted by award-winning mixologist Bob Peters. 

The kits include spirits, mixers, and even garnishes for that extra-special final touch, plus instructions for putting it all together. It’s a great gift that allows them to experiment with the many different liquor, mixers, and bartending techniques that they can take with them as they navigate through their first “adult” jobs, impressing peers in their new apartments, and beyond. If they already have plenty of liquor on hand or prefer to make virgin cocktails, you also have the option of giving them a No Booze Box instead. 

Old Fashioned Box

If there’s one cocktail that every budding bartender should know how to put together, it’s an Old Fashioned. This kit comes with all of the ingredients needed to make this classic cocktail including Jim Bean Kentucky Bourbon, our Old Fashioned mixer, and a dehydrated orange wheel for garnish. It even comes with a classy bar spoon so that they can start collecting the tools they’ll need to put together their home bar! 

Negroni Enthusiast Box

Introduce them to the world of signature bitters and apéritifs with the Negroni Enthusiast box. This set features ingredients to make four of these famous gin, Campari, and vermouth-based cocktails, as well as a nice bar spoon that they can use to mix up their drinks and then display on their bar cart afterward. They’ll pick up on the skills to make a classic cocktail that is sure to impress friends, partners, and coworkers alike for long after the initial ingredients run out. 

Tequila Hotty Box

If they love a fiery spin on a comforting favorite, the Tequila Hotty kit definitely hits the mark. This boozy, fun cocktail puts a sparkling, spiced apple twist on the classic comforting Hot Toddy with Cazadores Tequila, Spiced Apple Hot Toddy syrup, and La Marca Prosecco, all topped with a dehydrated apple for garnish. They’ll love whipping up this spicy-sweet drink at the end of a long cold day at their new job and winding down in full cozy vibes. 

Great Fruit Box

Nothing says summer fun quite like a fruity and refreshing drink, so the Great Fruit Box is the perfect gift for summer grads who are ready to celebrate in style. This cocktail kit comes with light and tasty flavors of gin, grapefruit, and rosemary, all rimmed in a spicy margarita mix for a salty complement that beautifully melds all of its flavors together. Whether they’re relaxing by the pool or poring through available jobs in their area, they’ll love relaxing with this bright and summery drink. 

Strawberry Blonde Box

There’s something about vodka cocktails and the college experience that just go well together, so help them say goodbye to their college days by creating an elevated vodka drink from the comfort of their own home! This bright and tangy cocktail kit comes with Grey Goose Vodka, a refreshing Strawberry Basil syrup, and Volley Zesty Lime Tequila Seltzer to create a delicious and easy-to-drink cocktail that’s perfect for hot days and celebrations. 

Not Quite Tiki Box

If they’re sad to say goodbye to their college town’s kitschy tiki bar, give them a gift that they can take with them that pays tribute to those tropical flavors with the Not Quite Tiki box. This carefully crafted box brings together the flavors of Honey Citrus syrup, Volley Tropical Mango Spiked Seltzer, and Flor De Cana rum for a drink that’s an excellent ode to the beachy flavors of their favorite tiki bar. Finish it off with a blackberry salt sugar rim and dehydrated lotus root and they’ll have their favorite flavors in their hands no matter where their path may take them

Earl Grey Hot Toddy Box

Warm, cozy, and inviting, this Earl Grey Hot Toddy is the perfect comfort cocktail for curling up after a long day on the job. This kit comes with ingredients like Vanilla Ginger Mixer, Earl Grey tea bags, and Larceny Bourbon to create a cocktail that’s sweet, spicy, and warm enough to put them in a great mood no matter how cold the weather (or the corporate world).

16 oz Copper Shaker

No home bar is complete without a shaker, so give your recent college grad the gift of this seriously elevated bar cart staple. This shaker will look beautiful on their bar cart or home bar and will let them thoroughly shake up their cocktail creations to fully meld all of those premium flavors. If you really want to make their day (and their bar), you might also consider giving them a full set of essential bar tools like a Bar Spoon, Ice Mold, Copper Jigger, and Mixing Glass in your gift. 


Graduating college is a huge accomplishment and a marker for the start of the rest of their lives. Help them celebrate with delicious and sophisticated cocktail kits curated by award-winning mixologists so they can learn new skills, start their home bar collection, and relax at the end of a long day of adulting. 

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