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Here’s Everything You’ll Need To Put Together A Mini Bar For Your Home

Here’s Everything You’ll Need To Put Together A Mini Bar For Your Home

There are few home features as quietly luxurious as a mini bar! 

While we all love the ambiance and people-watching that come when we visit our favorite cocktail bars, it’s also really nice to just kick back at home with a drink and the intimate company of our nearest and dearest at home. Whether you’re looking to wow your guests or just want to enjoy a homemade cocktail in style, here’s what you’ll need to put together the ultimate mini bar for your home. 

The bar 

First things first: if you want to build a mini bar for your home, you need a bar!

Bar carts are a great economical option, especially if you’re working with limited space. If you really want an authentic bar experience and have the space for it, you can also spring for a full bar counter. If you’re looking for storage solutions for your liquor collection, get creative with side tables and wall shelves. 

Finally, don’t forget seating! A couple of sleek bar stools can complete the look if you have a full bar counter or side table to work with. 

The tools 

In addition to the bar itself, you’ll also want to invest in some bartending tools that will allow you to properly mix your cocktails. Some essentials that you’ll need to start off your home bar include: 

  • Mixing glasses 
  • Cocktail shaker 
  • Jigger 
  • Bar spoon 
  • Ice mold

To start, check out our bar tools by American Cocktail Co. These starting tools will be enough to make most of your drinks, especially if you’re new to creating your own craft cocktails. However, depending on your bartending skill and the kinds of drinks you’ll be serving up, you may need some other tools like a: 

  • Wine opener 
  • Bottler opener
  • Zester 
  • Muddler 

The glassware 

Now that you have the tools you’ll need to create your cocktails, you can move on to the glassware to pour those delicious drinks into! 

Have a variety of glassware on hand that can cover the majority of the drinks and cocktails you’ll be pouring up. Some common glassware styles to keep on hand include: 

  • Wine glasses (both stemmed and stemless) 
  • Champagne glasses 
  • Martini glasses
  • Highball glasses 
  • Rocks glasses 
  • Snifters 

Consider the kinds of cocktails that you and your circle tend to enjoy to guide your collection. Don’t forget the coasters as well to prevent annoying water stains on your new bar.

The alcohol and mixers

Now for the fun part — the ingredients you’ll need to put together your cocktails! 

This is where you can really start having fun with your new bar collection and personalizing based on your own preferences. Again, consider the kind of cocktails and liquor that you tend to gravitate toward the most, then round it out with other options to expand your tastes. For the real cocktail connoisseurs, this is also a great chance to start collecting spirits from around the world. 

In addition to the spirits themselves, you’ll also need the right mixers to round out your creations. Simple syrup, pre-made mixers, and bitters are a good place to start. You’ll also want to have ingredients like lemon, lime, salt, and dried fruits on hand to add more flavor and pizazz to your drinks. 

Complete cocktail kits from American Cocktail Co. 

You’ve spent a lot of time researching the tools you’ll need for your home bar — now, let us take care of the rest for you! American Cocktail Co.’s collection of cocktail boxes makes it easier than ever to experiment with world-class mixology creations, all from the comfort of your own home. These collections include just about everything you’ll need to start crafting up signature cocktails in your home bar with recipes from award-winning mixologist Bob Peters. 

Everything Box Subscription

The Everything Box subscription by American Cocktail Co. is a must for budding home bartenders and experienced mixologists alike. Every month, you’ll receive the ingredients to make delicious and elevated cocktails from the mind of Bob Peters, along with easy-to-follow instructions perfect for bartenders of all skill levels. Each box includes spirits, mixers, syrups, juices, bitters, and/or garnishes so you can easily whip up drinks worthy of your favorite cocktail bar! 

If you already have begun to amass a collection of premium liquors and would prefer to use those, you can also subscribe to the No Booze Box instead. These kits come with all of the ingredients and instructions for the month’s cocktail, minus the liquor, so you can use up your own stash. 

Old Fashioned Box 

Knowing how to whip up a good Old Fashioned is a must when you’re running a bar (even an at-home one). Learn the basics of this timeless classic with the Old Fashioned Box. Each box comes with the ingredients necessary to make four servings of a perfect Old Fashioned, including mixer, Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon, and a dehydrated orange wheel for that extra classy touch. We’ve also included a sleek Long Bar spoon, which is perfect for mixing up all of your future cocktails thoroughly.

Tequila Hotty Box

Every home bartender needs a signature seasonal drink on hand to whip up when the weather gets cold outside, so make the Tequila Hotty yours! This cocktail kit comes with Cazadores Tequila Blanco and bubbly La Marca Prosecco, plus an indulgently cozy Spiced Apple Hot Toddy Syrup and a bag of dehydrated apples for garnish. It’s warm and cozy and perfect for all of those brisk winter days when you just want to while away your time in the comfort of your own home. 

Great Fruit Box

You’re definitely going to want to know how to make this drink on a hot summer’s day! The bright and zingy Great Fruit cocktail kit includes Bombay Sapphire Gin and Volley Sharp Grapefruit tequila seltzer, all balanced out with a Grapefruit rosemary syrup and Spicy Margarita Mixture for the rim of your glass. 


Whipping up a good cocktail in your own home is a skill that you’ll be glad you invested in. Learn how to make world-class cocktails in your own home by building your dream mini bar and stocking it up with American Cocktail Co.’s signature recipes! 

Photo by Emma Bauso:

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