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Gift Ideas For Your Parents

Gift Ideas For Your Parents

Every year on birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, we find ourselves faced with the age-old question: why are our parents so hard to shop for? Unless they tell us exactly what they want, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for people who have done so much for us throughout the years. 

Luckily, American Cocktail Co. has your back. Whether your parents are the type who claim they don’t want anything or they’re the duo who has everything, these complete cocktail kits will really hit the mark. Read on for gift inspiration ideas that your parents are absolutely going to love receiving and putting on their home bar this year.

Gifts For Your Parents From American Cocktail Co. 

A Subscription to our Everything Box

For parents who love exploring the many flavors that mixology has to offer, a subscription to our Everything Box is the ultimate gift. Each month, they’ll receive the ingredients needed to make a world-class cocktail from the mind of award-winning mixologist Bob Peters. From the spirits to the mixers and even the garnishes, they’ll love easily learning how to make delicious drinks and then showing off their newfound bartending skills every chance they get. 

Old Fashioned Box

If your parents are lovers of classic flavors and rich liquors that speak for themselves, they’ll love the Old Fashioned Box. They’ll learn how to whip up a world-class Old Fashioned with Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon and our Old Fashioned Mixer — and what good Old Fashioned would be complete without a dehydrated orange wheel for garnish? They’ll love learning the skills necessary to make their favorite drink, and you’ll love getting to have a taste every time you visit. 

Negroni Enthusiast Box

The Negroni is another classic cocktail that any at-home bartender should know how to whip up, so help your parents out on their mixology journey by gifting them the Negroni Enthusiast. This box makes it easier than ever before to whip up a sophisticated Negroni by providing the gin, sweet red vermouth, and Campari necessary for the cocktail, as well as a sleek Bar Spoon so they can seamlessly mix up their creations. They’ll love whipping up this drink every time they have company (and yes, that includes you!). 

Great Fruit Box

There are few cocktail ingredients that are quite as refreshing as grapefruit, so we highlighted these bright and citrusy notes in the Great Fruit. Your parents will learn how to masterfully mix the flavors of gin, grapefruit, and rosemary for a smooth and citrusy drink they’ll love to whip up and drink on their porch any time the weather outside is nice. 

Not Quite Tiki Box

The perfect gift for party animal parents, the Not Quite Tiki cocktail is a tropical, rum-soaked escape into paradise. This tiki-bar-worthy drink is made with Flor de Cana rum and honey citrus syrup topped with Volley Tropical Mango Spiked Seltzer, plus blackberry salt sugar and a dehydrated lotus root for garnish. Gift them this kit plus a couple of other tiki-themed essentials like cocktail umbrellas and tiki torches, and they’ll have a great excuse to throw an epic shindig in their backyard bar. 

A Chill In The Air

If your parent’s house is the warmest and coziest place on earth, add some A Chill In The Air cocktails into the mix! These warm and indulgent drinks feature gin and warm spiced mulling syrup, plus sparkling cranberry to top it all off. Best enjoyed during the holidays next to a roaring fire and the accompanying smells of roasting marshmallows. 

Other thoughtful gift ideas for your parents 

Looking for more sentimental gifts to add to your parents’ home bar this year? These gifts add the perfect extra touch to pair with those new cocktails they’ll be slinging. 

Family photo print 

Your parents value their family above all else, so give them a gift that they’ll always cherish by printing a great picture of your entire family onto a canvas! Putting together a formal photoshoot with all of the kids is always a good idea, or you can use a great picture from an event like a recent wedding, retirement party, or birthday party. They’ll be able to hang their new work of art over their home bar and brag about their beautiful family to everyone who stops by for a chat and a craft libation. 

Customized glassware

Personalized glassware adds an elevated touch to any home bar, and your parents will love showing off their collection whenever they get a chance. Customize wine glasses, cocktail glasses, or beer mugs with their last name and a logo so they can impress their guests every time they serve up a drink made with their newfound bartending skills. To take it one step further, you can even customize other bar tools like shakers and bottle openers. 

Personalized bar sign

For the parents whose house is known as the place for friends and family to gather, a personalized bar sign is an excellent gift. Talk to your local metal or wood crafter to put together an artfully crafted personalized bar sign featuring their last name. They can hang their new sign over their minibar or bar cart and bring the whole place together. If your parents are big party animals, you can also make up a name for your parent’s bar based on their personality and interests to really add a fun touch. 

Premium liquor

Finally, for a gift that always impresses, invest in some top-shelf liquor for their bar! This is an especially good present for parents who already collect premium spirits and wine since you can add to their expansive collections. 


Your parents deserve the best, and these complete cocktail kits from American Cocktail Club are the best way for them to explore mixology. They’ll love playing around with these full kits and learning how to make their favorite cocktails, and you’ll love enjoying the fruits of their labor every time you come over to visit! 

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