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DIY Gift Baskets

DIY Gift Baskets

What’s better than one good gift? A whole basket of them! 

Whether you’re gifting for a birthday, the holidays, anniversaries, or as a just-because, there’s something just so special about putting together a personalized gift basket that perfectly hits all of the gift recipient’s needs and interests. While pre-arranged gift baskets are a convenient option, taking it a step further and carefully curating your own baskets is a thoughtful way to show your loved ones just how much you care.

Let’s talk about some ideas for putting together unique and thoughtful gift baskets for the special people in your life, all with a little help from American Cocktail Co. 

First steps for crafting a meaningful DIY Gift Basket 

Come up with a theme. 

While just about anyone would love receiving a basket filled with the things they like, a great DIY gift basket really packs a punch when it follows a specific theme. Think about the occasion itself, plus your gift recipients’ interests, needs, and hobbies. Then try to make a list of gifts and items that align with that theme. This will help you figure out a direction and ultimately curate a thoughtful and personalized gift basket that serves a specific purpose. 

Include a couple of standout items. 

Good gift baskets include an array of different gifts, and one of the best ways to make a well-rounded gift basket is to include some “big ticket” gifts that they’ll be especially excited to receive. This can also help you find your theme since you can plan the other items around that major gift. 

For example, if you know that your person loves a good cocktail, start with a cocktail kit from American Cocktail Co. that speaks to their tastes. Then, you can look for other complementary gift items that will go well with that particular cocktail (and we’ll give you plenty of ideas for these pairings in a moment!). 

Add some small but thoughtful touches to round it out. 

Once your basket has its standout items, you can then add in other smaller trinkets and accessories that your gift recipient can use alongside the main gifts. For example, think sweet treats, favorite snacks, and little travel-sized self-care items like makeup or spa treatments. You can also include touching personal additions like a handwritten card that expresses how much they mean to you or a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant for a real personal touch. 

Arrange them all into a nice container like a basket or a bin and get ready to wow them! 

Ideas for putting together DIY Gift Baskets with American Cocktail Club 

Cozy Winter Basket

    One of the best ways to utilize a gift basket is to make it suitable for the seasons. For curating a warm and comforting hug in a basket, start by filling the basket with our A Chill In The Air Box, which has all of the ingredients they’ll need to make a cozy gin, mulling syrup, and cranberry-based winter cocktail. Then add in other comforting winter essentials like hand warmers, hot chocolate bombs, fuzzy socks, and ingredients for s’mores. They’ll love snuggling up with these cold-weather necessities while relaxing next to a fire. 

    The Cocktail Connoisseur Basket

      For the person who loves making delicious craft creations in their home bar, give them the gift of an Everything Box from American Cocktail Co.! These monthly subscription kits come with all of the ingredients they’ll need to create a delicious cocktail curated by award-winning mixologist Bob Peters. If they’re in the beginning stages of exploring their bartending hobby (or if they’re in desperate need of some upgrades), consider giving them the basic tools they’ll need to make good cocktails like an Ice Mold, Mixing Glass, Bar Spoon, Copper Shaker, and/or Copper Jigger. Finish it off with some gourmet peanuts and nice glassware and they’ll have everything they need for serving up world-class creations in their home bar! 

      “Thinking Of You” Basket 

        A care basket is such a nice gift, especially when you can’t be there in person for someone going through a difficult time. They’ll appreciate a gift basket featuring our Earl Grey Hot Toddy cocktail box that highlights the comforting flavors of a cozy tea with a Bourbon-spiked kick. Include other self-care necessities like face masks, soft slippers, lavender bath salts, and a soothing candle for a gift basket that will let them wind down and relax at the end of a long day. 

        A Basket For The Life Of The Party

          Nothing says “party” like the Strawberry Blonde cocktail kit! This easy-to-drink cocktail features bright herbal and fruity notes and is perfect for sunny days. This would make for an excellent birthday present or a gift for bachelors/bachelorettes, especially when paired with new shot glasses, sunglasses, party games, and gourmet snacks perfect for sharing. 

          Tropical Getaway Basket

            If you have someone on your gift list who is in desperate need of a vacation, give them a gift basket with the Not Quite Tiki cocktail kit as the star. This delicious tropical drink combines rum, mango, and citrus flavors that will almost make them feel like they’re at their favorite tiki bar. Throw in some gourmet macadamia nuts, dried fruits, fun flamingo straws, drink umbrellas, and a Hawaiian shirt to really set the scene. 

            Party Host Basket

              For the host with the most, make a gift basket that they can use again and again whenever they have guests over! Give them the ingredients they’ll need to craft a classic Old Fashioned with our Old Fashioned box kit, then throw in other host/hostess necessities like wine aerators, a new charcuterie serving set, nice glassware, and a customized recipe book. 


              There’s no better way to bring the cheer than with some cocktail-influenced cheers! Mastering the art of putting together a DIY gift basket lets you show the special people in your life just how much you love and care for them.


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