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Tell us a little about yourself

I'm an artist first and a bar tender second, but I've managed to find a happy balance between the two. I've learned how to put my art into bar tending.

What is your favorite recipe you have come up with using an AJC product? What was the inspiration behind it? 

My favorite recipe I've come up with is probably "Dessert Session". Using Mezcal & tequila as well as lemon juice, AJC's Harriet Peacher Stowe, & Blueberry Finn plus 1 jalapeño. It's a nice balance of sweet, tart, spicy and smokey. I always feel like Mezcal blends well with something sweet due to its type of smoke. It's earthy, it's woody, it's Mezcal and that flavor is going to stand out. So my goal with working with a spirit like that is to find perfect balance in the unique flavor of Mezcal.

When you are coming up with new drinks, do you have a source(s) for inspiration?

Inspiration for my drinks come from anything that I'm around or have been around. From a nostalgic flavor or scent. To a new song, even from the knowledge I get while reading about spirits.

What is your favorite bar, what day of the week do you recommend it, and what kind of experience can a visitor expect?

My favorite bar right now is "The Archer" it's located in Downtown jersey city. The bar itself is gorgeous from its rustic thick cut wood setting. They do some amazing things with their cocktails. Plus the overall experience is amazing from doorman remembering my face to the hospitality shown to me from the owners.

What info about cocktails do most people making drinks at home not know that would be helpful to them?

It's not rocket science it's bar chefing, just have fun with the flavors and always try to strive for balance no matter how simple or complex the drink is, and never ever forgot...have fun with it!

Favorite AJC flavor?

Anything else you would like to share?

Stop by Amami Japanese cocktail bar in Greenpoint Brooklyn and ask for Mark and let me make you something you'll never forget!
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