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Summer Lovin' - One Time Purchase (8 servings) One Time Purchase ( 8 servings)

There is almost nothing better than watermelon and lime. Summer Lovin’ is a perfect summer sip that will dream about all year long.

What's Inside:
1 x 375ml Bacardi Superior White Rum
1 x 16oz Watermelon Mint Syrup
1 x Bag Rose Salt
1 x 437ml can Volley Spicy Ginger tequila seltzer

Rim Collins glass with rose salt Add1.7 oz of rum, 2 oz of watermelon mint syrup, .5 oz of fresh lime (not included) into your shaker filled with ice. Shake and then double strain into your Collins glass with fresh ice. Top with 2 oz of Ginger Tequila Hard Soda and stir


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